Are you frustrated by the potential customers you are losing?

Me too. I’m a freelancer, and I do IT jobs on Elance, and I’m tired of posting proposals , reducing my rate, or losing my clients because of Elance’s fee, so I built this website to show my work, and get more jobs that I want to do.

You also have your business, products or services you want to sell , and you know you should expand your business on the Internet, because everyone does.

And you want to build a self-hosting website, so you can customize it with anything you want. Let your customers know you’re serious and professional.

So you already know that, but why don’t you take action? You think it’s a major pain to build a self-hosting website.

You need find a designer, a developer, and you also need a hosting and an SEO guy.

You have to pay a lot before you get any profit. You even don’t know whether your idea will work, because basically, you can’t get anything from a newly built website. It is really frustrating and full of risk.

So you procrastinate it again and again. You want to be there, but don’t know how to start.

If I tell you you can build a website by yourself which only cost $1.99, what do you think?

I put together this quick guide to help you get started building a website. It’s free. All you need to do is enter your email address and it’ll pop to your inbox.

There’s no obligation. Cancel at any time. I’ll never spam you.

Where should I send your free guide

You should start from small, and don’t invest until you evaluate your idea.

Many open-source platforms are free to use, like WordPress(Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS), Magento(eCommerce Software and Platform). You can launch a landing page using a plugin easily, publish the blog about your services and products to cultivate your clients, and start an ecommerce website to display and sell your products.

I can help you if you are tired of technical details, because I’m good at it, so you can focus on your business,

then we can polish the website to attract more potential customers and increase your revenue.

How I Work


Starting with the brand-development phase, I’ll work with you to either establish or further refine your brand and brand strategy, then we’ll move into information architecture and user experience, carefully crafting optimal user flows for the product. I will leverage my broad web experience to apply conventions and best practices for the planning of your site navigation and pages. By paying attention to the visual details, your brand stands out from the others. The right photos, illustrations, and typefaces enhance your online identity. I will consider every detail to help craft an experience worth sharing.


Code, code, and more code. That’s what goes into a great online experience. Design and development should be seamless, not mutually exclusive, Whatever your idea, I can see it through from the concept stage to the coding stage. I can add any features you want based on current platform and theme, design or use some existing apps and plugins to achieve your business needs, and expand your business smoothly. I have a lot of experience when it comes to managing site content. I can help you select, build, or customize the perfect tool for you and your business.


I can launch your site within one day on the cloud, and give you very useful suggestions about a deployment plan, and money-saving, site scalability. Start from minimized, and pay as you go. I can show you how to start a feature-minimized site, so you can try it. The important part is that the choice is yours.

  • Install WordPress on EC2
  • Install Magento on EC2


  • PSD files to WordPress site
  • plugin development
  • Magento site development